Learning Charter

Teaching and Learning

Adults who support or lead teaching and learning at West Kidlington are:

  •  Always “Values led”.
  • Supportive of close partnerships with parents and carers to promote high achievement for all children.
  • Clear sighted about what the school needs to do to provide a world class education for every learner.
  • Courteous, polite and professional
  • Valued by the leadership of the school.
  • Leaders of learning.
  • Determined to be consistently outstanding.
  • Willing to work hard, often doing more than would normally be expected of them.
  • Willing to engage positively with parents and carers to promote high achievement for all learners
  • Able to take full responsibility for ensuring high social, moral and academic achievement for all children.
  • Unafraid to support creativity when promoting a love of learning by children.
  • Able to evaluate their own performance effectively, knowing when things have gone well, or when they need to improve.
  • Supportive of everyone who works to improve learning at West Kidlington.
  • Able to “inspire” children to learn and achieve.
  • Not scared to set high learning challenges for all children, irrespective of age, aptitude, ability or background.
  • Supportive of learning environments which are well organised, sharply focused on promoting high achievement and which celebrate excellence and enjoyment for all learners.
  • Compassionate and caring.

Learners at West Kidlington:

  • Gain an increasing awareness of how values can support their own social, moral, spiritual, cultural and academic development.
  • Persevere and never give up.
  • Respond positively to challenge.
  • Work hard at home and at school.
  • Respect the rights of others to learn, by showing outstanding levels of behaviour and pupils response.
  • Work hard to improve their previous best.
  • Love to learn.

The Curriculum at West Kidlington.

  • Is skills led.
  • Is creative.
  • Is flexible, allowing opportunities for learning to be taken if opportunities present.
  • Is based on direct experience.
  • Is a constantly evolving learning platform.

Parents and Carers at West Kidlington:

  • Know how important Values led learning is to our school, and support the school in ensuring Values remain at the heart of the school’s success.
  • Ensure children are always well placed to learn effectively, by making sure children are punctual, well nourished, appropriately dressed, well rested and well prepared for each day at school
  • Support steps taken by the school to promote high achievement.
  • Support steps taken by the school to secure a skills led creative curriculum
  • Support the school by behaving courteously and politely at all times.
  • Ensure that they remain well informed about the day to day happenings at school, by reading newsletters, the website or adopted social media provision such as Twitter.
  • Hear their child read for at least 10 minutes every day.
  • Support the school’s homework policy.
  • Support the school’s attendance policy.
  • Take time each day to talk to their children in a positive and encouraging way about learning.
  • Encourage their children to persevere in academic, social and moral contexts.
  • Know that if they have concerns about their child, they will be listened to by the school.