We believe that values-led education is crucial in promoting children’s social, moral, spiritual, emotional and academic welfare.

Children explore values such as peace, happiness, courage, respect, honesty and unity, These help to shape the decisions they make in their behaviour, relations with others, and the way in which they approach learning.

Through storytelling, reflection, ¬†pupil-led discussions, and positive adult role models in and out of school, we hope to embed these values as part of children’s long-term development. We are proud of the way all of our school community helps and supports us in this aspect of children’s learning.

Over the past two decades, West Kidlington Schools have been at the forefront of developing values led learning.. In recent years, we have been featured on BBC television, local and national newspapers, and in Lord Layard’s landmark report for the Children’s Society, ‘A Good Childhood’. Currently, we are working with Birmingham University on a project entitled ‘Schools of Character’.



 Anti-Bullying Policy updated November 2016