Welcome to Foundation

In Foundation, the teachers are Jo and Caroline. Kelly, Jodie and Laura are our nursery nurses and Tiffany is our apprentice. All members of the Foundation Stage Team want the very best for the children who attend West Kidlington Foundation Stage. We aim to provide an environment where your child feels safe, has fun and learns a lot.



Please make sure your child has their P.E kit in school every Friday.

A guide to your child’s learning and development in the early years foundation stage

Supporting your child with letters and sounds at home

Phonics in the EYFS Letters and Sounds- document to parents


The latest from Foundation

Exciting times in the Foundation Stage!  Winnie the Witch has been here! We haven’t actually seen her yet, but evidence of her is everywhere.  She has sent us several letters, left us potion recipes and has even been moving things around in the classroom.  We have made our own potions, written letters back to her and learnt a story about her.  Next week we are going to adapt the story to make it our own.


Winnie has been helping us with our maths.  She has helped us count different things and taught us how to find 1 less / 1 fewer.  We had great fun with our ‘1 fewer potions’!


We continue to focus on our phonics.

Starfish have been learning to recognise the letters s a t p i n and listen carefully to the first sound in a word e.g. which object begins with a s?  We have been practising our sound talk e.g stand u – p.

Sharks and Jellyfish have finished phase 2 phonics.  If you would like to see what sounds we have learnt and are going to learn then please visit the Letters and Sounds website.

Crabs are focusing on phase 3 digraphs and tricky words.  We have just learnt the tricky words we, she, he, me and be.

Home Learning

We would love to find out more about your child and their family.  Please can you talk to your child about their physical characteristics e.g. hair colour, height, shoe size, as well as things that they enjoy doing and things that are important to them.  Please can you discuss their different family members and important people in their lives.  Please can your child paint or draw a picture of themselves and / or their family or bring in some photographs to show their friends at school.

Thank you,

Caroline and Jo