Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

The teaching staff in Year 1 are Miss Jones, Miss Finnemore and Mr Pearson. We are assisted and supported by Mrs Scott, Mrs Burgess and Mrs Davis.

If you need to speak to your child’s teacher, feel free to speak to us at the end of the day or please make an appointment for after school. We are always happy to help in any way we can.

Please note: Indoor PE is on Tuesdays for Miss Jones’ class and Thursdays for Miss Finnemore’s class. Outdoor PE is on Wednesdays for Term 1 and then on Fridays for Terms 2 – 6.

Want some guidance on helping your children with maths? Visit the maths page and have a look at our school calculation policy.

Help Your Child Make Progress – a support document for parents

Supporting your child with letters and sounds at home

Y1 Curriculum Map 2016-2017


Homework – September 16

After an eventful beginning to the term, we have set a mini-project for the children in order to keep them busy before returning to school on Wednesday. Please find information below and the resources in the file attached.

In addition to this, it would be great if you could continue to read and count (forwards, backwards, in 2s, 10s etc) so that they are ready for lessons next week.

We look forward to seeing everybody again!

Miss Finnemore and Miss Jones

Year 1 Start of Year Homework

Year One Project – To be returned by Monday 19th September

In order to get to know your child at the beginning of the year, we would like to know more about them and their family. This links with our science topic which looks at animals, including humans, and how they grow and change as they get older.

Please talk to your child about how they have grown. Talk about things that they used to do when they were a baby and a toddler. Also talk about things that they can do now that they didn’t used to be able to do, such as talking, being able to feed themselves, being able to jump or hop etc. This would be a great opportunity to get out the family photos and reminisce! We are sure your child will love seeing how much they have changed over the years!

Following this discussion, please help your child to complete the attached worksheet. It would be great if you could stick a photograph of your child as a baby and one of them as a toddler onto the sheet. If this is not possible then drawings will be fine.

We look forward to receiving the completed forms on Monday 19th September so we can include them as part of your child’s topic work.

Thank you from the Year 1 teachers.

What equipment do we need in Year 1?

A handy guide for all incoming Year 1 children!

What we need in Year 1