Y5 & 6 Science Competition launches!

With this week being Science week across the school, Tuesday saw an inter-college competition for years 5 and 6. Our mission – to create the best balloon rocket!
Armed only with balloons and straws, children attempted to make a rocket that would travel the furthest along a piece of wire, thread or string. We took some time to decide which materials would be best for building the shell of the rocket – too much card would be too heavy, but paper might be too flimsy. There were lots of scientific ideas to discuss with our groups!
In the end, Maple college¬†were victorious. The group of Jacob Evans, Dylan Spiers and Tom Rochford were the winners, with their rocket going the furthest along wire. “We had lots of fun, even if it was a bit tricky to start with, but it was fun once we got going!” said Jacob Evans (Owl Class, Year 5).
Well done to Maple college for winning the first inter-college challenge!
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