SCHOOL CLOSED Monday 11th December

Sunday 10th December 5.05 p.m.

We have decided to close the school to all students and staff on Monday 11th December 2017 for the following reasons:

  1. The conditions in and around the school site are currently unsafe and the weather forecast predicts more snow and freezing conditions overnight on Sunday
  2. Many staff live some distance from the school and several have already communicated to say they are unable to use their cars to travel
  3. Whilst main roads appear to be open and passable, side roads in the county are hazardous and the authorities are recommending not to travel unless in emergency
  4. Whilst we will be working to improve conditions on the school site during the day tomorrow, Monday, at this stage we are unable to guarantee the safety of pupils or staff on the school site
  5. By making a decision on Sunday evening we are able to put our emergency closure procedures in place at an early stage to avoid unnecessary anxiety in the morning.

Further updates will appear on the school website to announce any change to the current status.