Y4 Multiskills Festival

A fantastic time was had by allĀ children (and teachers!) attending the Multiskills Festival held at Gosford School on Thursday 12th February. The event was a stimulating mix of team building, skill development and problem solving sports activities including: ‘Minefield’, an exciting game where one child was blindfolded and other team members were tasked with guiding them through a series of obstacles using precise directions and instructions, ‘Reaction’, where children were challenged to form a tight circle with their bodies and stop the reaction ball leaving the circle after it had bounced onceĀ and ‘Target’, a game in which velcro balls were thrown at a large wall target, the aim being to get as close to the bullseye as possible in order to score the most points. Ciaran Flitney was recognised by the event leader as demonstrating excellent teamwork skills. He was rewarded with a certificate during the awards ceremony. West Kidlington School came second out of the four schools that attended. Well done to all the pupils who took part!