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Our Staff

At West Kidlington Primary & Nursery School, we have some of the finest teachers and teaching staff in the country. They are highly motivated, committed and passionate about providing our pupils with the best education possible.

"Our staff are committed to achieving excellent outcomes for all pupils."

Senior Leadership Team

Simon Isherwood Principal & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Jo Simpson Assistant Principal, SENCO, Designated Safeguarding Lead & Pupil Premium Lead

Extended Leadership Team

Richard Earl KS2 Leader
Vicky Lees LKS2 and Curriculum Leader
Kelly Blake Read, Write Inc Leader
Saveeta Bhomra Nursery Leader
Sarah Reading Mathematics Leader
Tina Artis English Leader
Ceri Ellis English Leader, Website and Social Media Manager
Charlotte James Designated Safeguarding Lead, Safeguarding & Mental Health

Class Teachers

Tina Artis EYFS Teacher
Helen Longhurst EYFS Teacher
Katie Rhymes EYFS Teacher
Dan Pearson Year 1 Teacher
Rachel Gallyot Year 1/2 Teacher
Lauren Hood Year 2 Teacher
Helen Gregory Year 2 Teacher
Melissa Killen Year 2 Teacher
Katie Whale Year 3 Teacher
Claire Finnemore Year 3 Teacher
Sam Crow Year 3 Teacher
Vicky Lees Year 4 Teacher
Sarah Reading Year 4 Teacher
Kate Cole Year 4 Teacher
Emma Orton Year 5 Teacher
Sam Pitchfork Year 5 Teacher
Richard Earl Year 6 Teacher
Ceri Ellis Year 6 Teachers
Scott Latham Sports Coach
Jen Hurst Forest School
John Sullivan Forest School

Inclusion and Interventions Team

Margaret Smith Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Alison Cook Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Gen Bullen Family Support Advisor, Emotional, Literacy Support Advisor, Designated Safeguarding Lead & Young Carer's Support
Scott Latham Sports Coach
Rubina Gonglaves EAL Champion

Teaching and Learning Support Assistants

Sue Faulkes Nursery
Laura Jacquest Nursery
Ann-Marie Schall Nursery
Jo Smith Nursery
Kelly Blake EYFS
Heidi Kerry EYFS
Fahmida Khanom EYFS
Nicola Brightmore KS1 and KS2
Sally Clarke KS1 and KS2
Kim Hall KS1 and KS2
Mike Harris KS1 and KS2
Lisa Hill KS1 and KS2
Liz Hipkiss KS1 and KS2
Becci Howlett KS1 and KS2
Laura Jacquest KS1 and KS2
Karen Mason KS1 and KS2
Emma Neale KS1 and KS2
Rachel Scott KS1 and KS2
Laura Trinder EYFS
Liz Tyndall KS1 and KS2
Charlotte Wiggins KS1 and KS2
Bobbie Worsfold KS1 & KS2

Administration Staff

Lucy Smith Finance Manager
Ellen Gardner Office Manager
Lucy Smith Office Administrator
Lesley Akers Office Administrator
Rosemary Werlinger Librarian

Additional Staff

Mick Phipps Site Manager

Kitchen Staff

Wendy Leggett
Katherine Totton
Sarah Warner

Lunchtime Supervisors

Caroline Adair
Fahmida Ahmed
Eliza Charlton
Sheila Kitchen
Gemma Pollard
Suzanne Pollard Lead Supervisor
Deborah Shergold
Suzanne Walsh
Lucille Worth

Cleaning Supervisors

Debbie Shergold
Suzanne Pollard
Linda Pollard


West Kidlington is not only a great school for pupils, it’s also a fantastic school for teachers. Working in partnership with The White Horse Federation, we offer teachers extensive support, fantastic resources, and a range of training opportunities. We welcome teachers of all experience, whether they have recently qualified or have been teaching pupils for many years. If you are interested in joining West Kidlington, follow the link below

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