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Our staff have prepared a series of videos (to show parents, carers and children the methods your child is learning at school.

This page provides details and resources about West Kidlington’s approach to home learning during the 2020 lockdown and any other period of school or whole class lockdown.

We hope it will help to structure the day for your child(ren) and support their home learning while they cannot attend school.

We aim for a clear approach on what we can and cannot provide during a time of exceptional school closure, and we fully appreciate how challenging this is for all families. We are all in this together and we must be realistic. Family comes first for everyone, including staff.

With the best will in the world:

  • We cannot provide a school away from school. Nor do we expect you to as parents/carers.
  • We cannot effectively teach students new content remotely – the majority of work provided will be extra curricular or provide opportunity to recap prior learning and deepen their understanding.
  • Transition for Nursery, Reception, and Year 6 will - as it always is - be at a local level where systems are already in place for pupil transition. More information about transition will be communicated as and when appropriate.

Why should we try to keep up a daily routine at home?

Keeping a daily routine, maintaining some form of exercise, and making time for reading all have significant benefits to mental health and well-being. We would encourage you to set up a daily schedule, and where possible to stick to it.

You can find suggested timetables and academic work for your child by clicking the appropriate year group from the Academic Work tab on the left hand side of this page. Please bear in mind that the suggested timetable and timings are completely flexible – you may want to break them up into smaller chunks or adapt them to suit your child and home circumstances. The activities set are also for guidance only – your child can complete as many or as few as they are able but please remember that no child is expected to work for more than four hours a day.

Completing work

Each Friday, work will be uploaded via our school website in the Home Learning Resources tab in the Learning and Education section in readiness for the following week. Specific instructions, additional support/expectations will be given via your schools usual online learning platform.

You can expect to receive feedback on your work daily.

You can get in touch with your teacher via email.

For your child to receive feedback and so that we can celebrate learning, please share their home learning via email. This will also maintain a sense of community within the class and school.

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