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What is a ‘bubble’?

A ‘bubble’ is a defined group of people that one person comes into contact with regularly. No individual should be in more than one bubble, and two or more ‘bubbles’ should never cross. By ensuring that they only have contact within their bubble, individuals are protected against cross-contamination.

To make this possible at our school, children will only be in one ‘bubble’. For example, if a child of a key worker is in year 6 and has been coming to school during the closure, they will not be introduced to another ‘bubble’ when the other year 6 pupils return.

What is face-to-face support?

Face-to-face support refers to the delivery of teaching by a member of staff on a direct, in-person basis, rather than over a video or audio call. At our school, teachers will provide face-to-face support from a safe distance to ensure that all safety guidelines are adhered to.

Can my child come to school even if they aren’t in one of the selected year groups?

No, they cannot, unless you are a key worker or they are a vulnerable child. The school will only be open to children in reception, year 1, and year 6, vulnerable children, and the children of key workers.

Someone from outside my household usually collects my child; will this still be possible?

In order to follow government guidelines on social distancing, anyone from outside your household must stay two metres away from your child. This can be a challenge with young children, and potentially jeopardise their safety. We therefore strongly recommend that only someone from your household collects your child.

Will my child be taught by their usual teacher?

Not necessarily. It is likely that your child may be taught by a different teacher during this time.

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