Impact of Sports Premium Funding

Physical Education

At West Kidlington Primary School, PE is a very high profile and celebrated subject. In this section you will find information on the impact that the Sports Premium Funding has had on our school.  For further detail about the impact of the funding please contact the school directly.

We have:

Youth Sports Trust Quality Mark – Silver

School Games Kite Mark – Silver

Impact of Sports Premium Funding

Competitive Sport – increased:

Participation in competitive Sport September 2015 – June 2016


Number of competitions: September 2015 to June 2016


Provision for Target Groups – increased:

Using the school improvement plan, lesson observations and teacher feedback we have run a number of targeted groups.

Target Groups run


Year 6 Active Maths

Anecdotal Evidence:

“It is fun.  I don’t like maths in the classroom but this is different.”  Year 6 Pupil

“I am getting quicker at my tables and I like it.”  Year 6 Pupil

“Mr ?, when will we do that maths things again?  That was fun.” Year 6 Pupil

Hard Evidence:

Following moderation results, maths data of the children attending Active Maths Group will be looked at.

Year 4 Exercise Gang

8 children were chosen to attend a boot camp which ran during Assembly time and before the first lesson of the day.

Sporting Monsters

Anecdotal Evidence:

See case study.

Hard Evidence:

An entry survey has been carried out and an exit survey will be carried out when the club finishes.

Sports Activators

Targeted groups of children have worked with the Sports Activators from the Cherwell Council.

Leadership Opportunities for Children – increased

Playground Leaders

Have had specialised training from our NOSSP PE mentor, who is paid for using the sports premium.  Senior Midday supervisor attended the training and now runs the Young Leader programme every lunchtime.

Year 6 Football – sport education leadership approach

Anecdotal Evidence:

“Children started to spend their lunchtime setting up ready for the P.E lesson so they had more time ‘doing’ during the P.E lesson.  Children started to work together and realise that they needed to listen and support one another.”  School Sports Mentor

Young Reporters

Anecdotal Evidence:

“It was actually quite fun.”  Year 5 pupil

Teaching and Learning – improved

CPD – increased

Through data collected from questionnaires, 100% of full time class teachers have remarked on how working alongside the PE Mentors has increased their skills and confidence in delivering high quality PE lessons. Since the Sports Premium funding began, all teachers have worked alongside a PE Mentor.

This year, 100% of teaching staff have had P.E CPD in addition to working with the Sports Mentor – funded by School Sports Premium

Over 50% of midday supervisors have had P.E CPD this year – funded by School Sports Premium


Curriculum Maps for all Year Groups have been developed and improved:

*New activities added including;

Year 5 Street Hockey (run by StreetSports Initiative)

Year 6 Sports Education Leadership Approach

*A skills based approach has been adopted

*Coverage has been improved


CPD on assessment delivered to P.E co-ordinators – paid for using Sports Premium Funding.  CPD identified assessment needed to be looked at further.  As a partnership Kidlington are producing new assessment tools – this is being co-ordinated by School Sports Mentor.

Increase in Physical Activity

On top of the compulsory 2 hours a week, children have increased their physical activity by completing the daily mile.

Sports premium has raised awareness of P.E through sports mentor working with staff and P.E staff meetings.  Staff started to think about ways of making children more active and more aware of their health, as a result the daily mile has been implemented.

Anecdotal evidence:

Suggests this is having a positive impact on children’s personal health and wellbeing.

“I could do six laps but now I can do 8.  It helps me concentrate more.”  Year 3 Pupil.

Hard evidence:

In a Foundation Stage class of 30 children there has been a 100% increase in children’s fitness levels with all children increasing the number of times they can run around the field by 50%.

Links with clubs in the community – increased

The Sports Premium has raised awareness of sport in the community and the Sports Mentor has worked to develop links with community clubs.

We have links with many clubs including:

Oxford Hawks

30 Year 4 children recently attended a training and competition day run at Oxford Hawks ground.

Gosford All Blacks

A rugby coach is currently giving Rugby coaching to Year 2 every other Thursday afternoon.


Ran an after school club during Term 1.

Ran a taster day during Term 3.

Ran curriculum time lessons for Year 5 during Term 5.

After school club during Term 5 and 6.

Children from WK are now attending an out of school street hockey club.

Downloadable version of this impact statement: School Sports Premium Impact Report September 2015 – June 2016