Subject Coordinator: Mrs Sarah Reading & Mrs Shermin Stanford

Maths Policy 2015 – updated February 2015

West Kidlington Calculation Policy – updated 2014

Our emphasis at school is to see maths in a real world context. We encourage and teach children to use a variety of strategies and methods to support problem solving and to be able to apply this in a number of contexts. Throughout school we give all the children ample opportunity to develop their understanding of number, measurement, pattern, shape and space, through a variety of activities that allow them to enjoy, explore, practise and talk confidently about maths. Support from parents/carers is a major factor in the progress that a child will make at school. To support your child/children it would be helpful if you actively encouraged practice of concepts taught in class, and support during completion of homework.

At West Kidlington Primary School we know that a high quality maths education provides a foundation for understanding the world. Our hope is that we develop a love for maths which will ultimately lead to a natural sense of enjoyment and curiosity about all other subjects.

Maths at home

In school, we sometimes use Education City to support our maths learning. Your child can get a home subscription for a small fee – see the office for details.

We also use Purple Mash activities to reinforce maths learning. Your child will have an individual login for Purple Mash – click this link to login.

Recommended sites for maths games

Woodlands Maths Zone   BBC Maths Zone

Maths Games – free online maths games for all ages

ICT Games – free online maths games ideal for KS1