About West Kidlington

West Kidlington Primary & Nursery School is an excellent place for young children to learn. Our core values of peace, unity, responsibility, and respect enable us to maintain a warm and happy learning environment that inspires children to fulfil their potential. Equally, our school is superb for teachers, who are given all the support, training, and resources they need to become the best educators they can be.

On this page, you will find links to different parts of our website. Each page contains information that will help you understand why West Kidlington Primary & Nursery School is such a special place.

Targets for 2021-22

  • Focus attention on children who can improve their performance to reach age-related expectations, and work with their families to support those children to give them the best chance of success.
  • Key Stage 1 teaching to develop a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum, and enhance the learning environment to support this.
  • Maximise the effectiveness of the support team, sharing best practice and enabling teaching assistants to support learning with confidence.
  • Make sure all lessons have a simple plan, with a clear hook to catch the interest, a clear outcome and clear skills development from previous learning. All lessons to have high quality explanation, challenge, modelling, questioning, feedback and practice. Lessons should make links between subjects, link to the school’s values and link to real life.
  • Develop mental resilience of children so they can overcome learning challenges and social situations, and can make good decisions for themselves and others.
  • Enable children to be motivated and persistent when facing problems, through establishing Learning Powers and Characteristics of Learning through the school.