Family Support Worker - Gen Bullen

West Kidlington Primary School is here to help any and all parents/carers. Our Family Support Worker offers practical advice and guidance on the variety of challenges parents and families may face.

What does a Child and Family Support Worker Do?

Provide a listening ear and support to families.Work as link between home and school, keeping lines of communication open between parents and school staff.Provide opportunities for parents to meet with other parents through Parent Cafes/courses.Refer and signpost families to support programs which provide parents with opportunities to share ideas and experiences.Work with children in the school who need extra support.Signpost parents and families to services within the area, depending on their need.Help families by assisting them with the Early Help/Team Around the Family process.Work with other professionals to help families achieve their goals.
Provide ELSA sessions for pupils in school.Runs West Kidlington Young Carers group for pupils undertaking a caring role at home.Provide advice around issues that may have an impact on the family home (i.e. housing, domestic violence, disability, financial difficulties).

Who Can Contact the Child and Family Support Worker?

Any parent/carer who has a child at West Kidlington Primary School can access support from our Family Support Worker.Parents/carers do not need to be referred. Any parent can contact Gen Bullen via the contact details provided or by asking a member of staff.We encourage all parents/carers to get in touch, especially to let the school know about anything important that is happening in the home which may affect the children's learning.

Contact Details:

To contact our Family Support Worker ring the school office on 01865 373369 and ask for Gen Bullen or email [email protected]

Alternatively, speak to your child's class teacher who can arrange a phone call home.

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