Mental Health and Wellbeing at West Kidlington Primary and Nursery School

Why is Mental Health and Wellbeing at WKPS on the agenda?

The recent national focus on mental health and wellbeing generally is long overdue. Especially with estimated figures that suggest three children in every classroom suffer from a diagnosable mental health problem.

We believe at WKPS that we are much more than a school that just provides academic learning. The education we provide at WKPS balances academic learning and emotional wellbeing. This is what our children and young people within our school deserve! They deserve an excellent education that prepares them academically and emotionally for the challenges they will face inside the classroom, and for the world they will enter when they leave us and go onto secondary school and beyond.

If you are worried about your child's mental health please contact the school office on 01865 373 369 or [email protected] and ask to speak with a member of the safeguarding team.

The Carnegie School Mental Health Award:

WKPS has made the decision to carry out the Carnegie Schools Mental Health Award as the award ensures a solid framework and school support to use evidence-based approaches that align to professional and government guidelines. Utilising a developmental framework, which allows schools to evaluate current mental health practices, identify gaps, develop and strengthen these and work towards building an emotionally healthier environment. Through this process, schools commit to making mental health a strategic priority and developing a positive culture that promotes mental wellbeing for everyone.

WKPS Mental Health First Aiders