Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information

SpecialNeeds and Inclusion in School

At West Kidlington School, we believe that every child has individual and unique needs. However, some children require more support than others. If these children are to achieve their full potential, we must recognise this and plan accordingly.

With parental permission, we may ask external professionals to come in and assess your child. A full list of these external agencies can be found in our SEN information report. Included in the support offered are intervention programmes. These range from programmes set by external agencies to our own ‘Keep up, not catch up’ interventions which aim to narrow the gaps in learning from children with learning difficulties to their peers.

We believe for a child to achieve their full potential, we must develop their self-esteem and resilience, as this will help build confidence and motivation.

Our School prides itself on its ability to offer and successfully deliver a full curriculum that is inclusive to all children, irrespective of need.

AdmissionArrangements for Children with Special Needs

West Kidlington is an inclusive school, which means that all children are encouraged and enabled to participate in all activities, both on and off the school site.

When children with disabilities join the school, specific arrangements are put in place to ensure they are suitably supported. There are meetings with advisors, the school nurse, parents, and other appropriate school staff before the child starts school, ensuring systems are in place to achieve a smooth transition into school life.

Other features of our SEN are as follows:

  • All the school buildings are designed to accommodate children and adults with disabilities.
  • We follow Oxfordshire County’s Admissions Policy (available from the school office).
  • At the time of entry to school, a meeting for new parents and school visits are pre-arranged in order for the transition to run as smoothly as possible.
  • If outside agencies are supporting children and families, they will be involved in the early stages to assist in identifying the special requirements and resources.

Before each child is admitted to school, we aim to ensure that any special educational needs have been identified and discussed, and supporting arrangements put in place.

During the assessment period when a child first arrives in nursery, the nursery teacher works closely with the SENCO, Jo Simpson, in identifying any child who may need additional support.

SEND Information

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"There’s always a warm welcome to be had at West Kidlington Primary School. The office staff are really helpful and friendly. There is a strong ethos of inclusivity, and a drive to ensure children are happy and well supported by nurturing staff. The SENCO is passionate about ensuring the provision is good. Her open-door policy, excellent rapport with parents, and exceptional relationships with children ensure open communication and outstanding care"

Emma O’Regan Physical Disability Team Advisor, Oxfordshire

If you would like feedback, including compliments or complaints about SEN provision please forward these to the headteacher. We aim to respond to complaints within 7 days.

If you would like impartial advice please contact the Oxfordshire's Parent Partnership Service and Oxfordshire SENDIASS.

If you would like to know more about opportunities for children and young people with SEN and their families, support groups or information about SEN these are listed in the Family Information Directory.

Oxfordshire's Local Offer contains a lot more information for parents.