Language can be used in many ways, and as we develop, it’s important, enriching, and immensely satisfying to learn different kinds of communication and wordplay.


Poetry teaches us the full extent of the expressive possibilities of language and is a fantastic way of making language education fun and engaging.


Poetry is also a way to deepen our children’s emotional understanding from an early age. As National Poetry Day ambassador Nikita Gill puts it: “to see yourself in a poem is a gift and I truly believe poetry is for everyone.”


Every National Poetry Day comes with a new theme. This year’s is The Environment. The organisation has put together a fantastic list of poems based on the theme which you can read here:! There’s some really great stuff there, and we recommend taking a look.


You can also see poems and other creations from previous years’ themes on the Poetry Society Website, or check out the recommended list of Poetry Books on the National Poetry Day Website